Thursday, 17 July 2014

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 will be the next major release, due later in 2014

Microsoft Dynamics NAV GM Eric Tiden speaking at WPC 2014
Microsoft Dynamics NAV GM Eric Tiden speaking at WPC 2014  

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 will be the next major release of the product, and it will offer easier upgrades, better integration with Microsoft products like Office 365, and add new mobile device support.

The NAV team confirmed today at Worldwide Partner Converence 2014 (WPC), revealing the name of the release after years of using the code name "Crete".

Microsoft Dynamics NAV roadmap at WPC 2014

Dynamics NAV general manager Eric Tiden highlighted key improvements like better upgrade tools that should complete upgrades in a weekend. The team will also be building stronger Office 365 and Power BI integration into the product.

The new release will also introduce a new Dynamics NAV tablet interface for Windows, iPad, and Android. The screenshot shared with the NAV partners in attendance seemed to demonstrate a consistent app experience across devices, but the speakers said more detail would be shared at Directions.

"[NAV 2015] is not going to disrupt you," Tiden told the WPC audience. "There are no groundbreaking architectural tools. But we are giving new tools to upgrade and manage data more quickly." He pointed to a NAV 2015 TAP customer, who had successfully upgraded to the new release from NAV 2013 R2 one day.

This promise of easier upgrades was well received by the NAV partners in attendance, winning some applause. Upgrades have consistently been a pain point for NAV 2013 R2, with high costs to complete technical tasks like updating reports.  NAV 2015 will include more of the upgrade tooling that partners have been asking for to help bring down the cost.

A Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 home page

A brief demo of NAV 2015 showed off a role-tailored home page that included "expressive tiles". These colored squares can indicate not just standard metrics but any business information that can be derived from NAV, said NAV team member Kurt Juvyns. They also include a color coded status bar across the top of each square, with color coding logic that can be defined for each tile.

Examples of the improved look and feel of document reports in Dynamics NAV 2015

Juvyns said that browser performance is also "significanty improved" in NAV 2015.
More details are coming this fall, the team said. They'll plan to do training and brief partners on the new release at the Directions US and Europe events.


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